Thursday, March 1, 2012

SEOlogy Services

SEOlogy offers a wide array of SEO services and also various online marketing strategies in order to improve a site’s visibility in the cyberspace. Our expert team tends to develop different yet unique search engine optimization techniques that will be tailor made specifically to your site in accordance to the need and more so the demand. Bottom line is, we would want to see your traffic soar and more so enhance current site rankings.

Keyword Analysis
Employing a detailed structured process in order to identify the best and the most used keywords that can be directly associated to the site. We will be analyzing varying keywords and recommend the ones that are deemed effective in the rankings arena.
Article Writing
Articles are the best medium towards consumer’s learning and understanding. Hence it is but right that we get to inform them through our site. And this is one effective tool in a site’s ranking and that is to provide the freshest and the most informative tidbits of data.
Article Submission
Article writing is but useless if this will not be submitted. Hence, SEOlogy is geared towards the distribution of the article in a number of selected article directories that are proven effective towards site visibility such as Ezine, GoArticles, Articlebase and more.
Directory Submission
Directories are places where users usually go to find a certain niche or site. This is commonly referred to as the site’s phone directory because it closely resembles that. In order to make an effective web presence, SEOlogy is geared towards site submission in such directories such as Dmoz, Incrawler, Iozoo and more.
Press Release
Press Release is the new form of advertising and marketing. It is but important today to utilize the media as part of the strategy to maximize the brand and exposure to the web. In here, SEOlogy will be creating high quality press release in Associate Press format and ready for distribution purposes.
Social Bookmarking
Any website must be stored, organized and searched in order to make them visible and accessible by any visitors. And this is one approach implemented by SEOlogy to anyone’s site by utilizing various social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Slashdot, Mixx and more.
Video Submission
We are now geared towards videos and animation with regards to information. And this can be a great tool to use in order to convey information and uplift rankings on one’s site. Hence, we would aid you in video creation to submission to various video sites such as YouTube, MSN, Metacafe and more.
Proofreading and Editing
There may be some existing articles that are present on the site already that might need proofreading and editing. It is with this regard that SEOlogy will also cater such demand in order to make the content more viable and effective.
Link Building
Considered to be the backbone of SEO obtaining quality backlinks is as essential and critical to the success of the business. Hence, we can customize each link building campaign to your needs based on our analysis and observation of the site at hand.
Social Media
Facebook and Twitter has been good tools of advertisement and are duly effective ones towards branding and advertising.

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